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Training and development are absolutely key for all foster parents (regardless of their experience). We offer regular training either via our online training platform, or through face-to-face training courses.

Pre-Approval Training

During your fostering assessment you will be invited to our Skills to Foster Training Course. Skills to Foster is a 3-day training course which all applicants need to complete in order to be approved to foster.

Induction Training

Once your assessment is complete and you are approved to foster, you will begin our Induction training. Our induction training is designed to support you in understanding your new role.

Training, Support and Development Standards

All new foster parents in the UK must complete the Training, Support and Development Standards (TSDS). The TSDS are a set of standards which foster parents must meet within their first year of fostering.

Mandatory Training

We have several courses which are mandatory for all foster parents to complete. Your Supervising Social Worker will be able to support you to complete your courses. 

Developmental Training

Training is a continual requirement for foster parents, so we offer lots of developmental training to expand knowledge and understanding.