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Transferring Agencies

If you’re already a foster parent and considering a change to a new fostering agency, we could be right for you! Find out the answers to your questions today.

I’m already a foster parent but I’m thinking about moving to a different agency, can I transfer? 

Yes! Foster parents can only be approved by one agency at any time, however they can opt to transfer to a different agency if they feel dissatisfied with their current agency, or want to change to a different provider that feels like a better fit for their family. Your current agency is required to provide a copy of your fostering assessment and the checks and references that were completed to aid a smooth transition to a new agency

I already have children placed in my care; can I still transfer? 

Yes, absolutely. The Transfer Protocol ensures that carers can transfer between fostering agencies with or without children in placement. We hold a meeting called a “Transfer Protocol Meeting” with your child’s Local Authority and your current agency to ensure the transition is a seamless and creates no disruption at all to the child(ren) in your care.

Why should I transfer to TheraParent Fostering? 

If you’re looking for a small, family-run agency with therapeutic parenting at its core, we could be right for you! We’re unique because we have been foster carers for many years and have worked professionally within fostering for many years also, meaning that we have both personal and professional experience. We offer high levels of support to our foster parents and our small team ensures every family feels valued and included in our agency. We offer therapeutic training and coaching to all of our foster parents, and we ensure all children placed with us receive therapeutic care.

So how do I transfer? 

Transferring agencies is a big decision and we would always suggest that you try to work through any issues you have with your current agency before trying to transfer somewhere else. It may be that an open and honest discussion with your agency can provide the answers you need to stay. The decision needs to be right for your whole family so take time to consider your plans and get to know as many different agencies as you need to make an informed decision about which will be best for you. The process to transfer is actually pretty simple, it is similar to your first fostering assessment, the only difference being that your assessment can usually be completed quicker during a transfer. 

Our steps to transferring agencies

Transferring agencies is a big decision and we would always suggest that you try to work through any
issues you have with your current agency before trying to transfer somewhere else.

Check out our steps to transferring agencies below:

  1. Research Fostering Agencies and contact those that you feel could be a good match for you and your needs.
  2. Once you have decided on an Agency that you feel comfortable with, contact your current fostering agency or Local Authority and advise them that you intend to transfer
  3. Complete an application form with your new fostering agency
  4. Your fostering assessment will now begin with your new agency! It can seem daunting to have to complete the fostering assessment again however you’ll be glad to hear that a lot of your previous assessment can often be used to inform your new assessment. Another advantage is that you will now have lots of fostering experience to draw upon in your assessment!
  5. Your new fostering agency will recomplete your checks and references (as with your previous fostering assessment). If your checks and references are recent, they may be able to be used in your new fostering assessment. Your assessing social worker will be able to advise you on what can be used, and what will need to be recompleted. 
  6. If you have children in placement, a Transfer Protocol Meeting will be arranged
  7. Once completed, you will attend panel and a recommendation on your suitability will be made. 
  8. Now it’s time to send in notice of your resignation to your current agency
  9. Your approval with your new agency will begin once your resignation period is complete. 

If you are considering transferring to TheraParent Fostering, give us a call or send us an email and we would be happy to discuss your experience. We can explore whether you feel TheraParent Fostering is right for you and if the answer is yes, we can discuss the next steps.