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Fostering FAQ’s

Fostering might seem daunting at first, but we’re here every step of the way to make the process as simple as possible.

What is Fostering?

Fostering is the term used to describe the arrangement whereby a child cannot live with their own birth family and therefore are cared for by another family (known as a foster family). Foster Parents are people who are warm, caring, supportive and understanding. They offer safe and nurturing homes to children to help them to achieve and develop.

Who can Foster?

We welcome applications from anyone aged 25 or above who believes they have the skills, qualities, space and time needed to be a caring and understanding foster parent!

The key to becoming part of our team is not the qualifications you have or the type of home you live in, it is all about your personal attributes and skills. We are looking for people who are positive, warm and nurturing but also recognise the importance of structure and routine for children’s development.

Are there different types of fostering?

There are many different types of fostering depending on the needs of the child. In fostering, there is no “one size fits all” placement, therefore we offer placements and support which are tailored to the individual needs of the child(ren) we are caring for. We offer long-term and short-term placements, respite placements, emergency placements and sibling placements (to name a few). Click below to find out more.

How do I become a Foster Parent?

Becoming a foster parent is a huge responsibility and one which requires a lot of thought and consideration. For this reason, the process to becoming a foster parent is suitably robust. Rest assured though, you will be fully supported throughout the process by our warm, welcoming and knowledgeable team.