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Therapeutic support for all!

We believe that children who have suffered trauma should be cared for properly. Research tells us that Therapeutic Parenting supports trauma recovery for children and young people therefore our agency is committed to embracing an ethos of therapeutic parenting. 

At TheraParent Fostering, we support all families to achieve therapeutic care for their child(ren). We offer Therapeutic training, coaching, mentoring and direct support for children and young people to support them to reach their potential. We believe it is our duty to do all we can to support children/young people to achieve their dreams. All TheraParent Foster Parents will have a Therapeutic Consultation with our Therapeutic Lead at least once per month. This is an ideal opportunity to discuss any concerns or hurdles and to agree a therapeutic response with our skilled professional team. We believe in offering holistic support to our placements therefore as well as our Foster Parents having access to Therapeutic Support, so too will the children/young people they care for! Every child/young person placed with TheraParent Fostering will have an allocated Therapeutic Life Coach who is there to support, guide and mentor the child/young person, using therapeutic interventions and practices.

At TheraParent Fostering we believe in Therapeutic Parenting. Therapeutic Parenting is an evidence-based technique for caring for children who have experienced trauma. It is a type of parenting which allows children to build better attachments with their caregivers, to recover from their traumatic experiences, and to experience unconditional nurture and support.

Our therapeutic support ensures that our foster parents feel well equipped to meet the needs of the children in their care, and also directly supports the child/young person so that they feel well supported. We use our training in PACE Parenting, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, and Theraplay to inform our work.

We believe in working holistically with children and young people. This means working with them, the close people around them and the professional’s making decisions for them to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

“The team that supports a child all need to pull in the same direction”

By working in this way, we ensure the child/young person is supported in a therapeutically informed way from all directions, offering them the best chance of recovery.

We are fortunate that all of our Directors are Therapeutically trained and Therapeutically informed. This means that Therapeutic support runs throughout our agency, through every member of our team. Within our team is Mike Spencer, who is our Therapeutic lead. Mike provides consultations to foster parents in order to teach, coach and upskill them in therapeutic principles and theories, with the goal of teaching them how to parent therapeutically. Mike uses his skills, experience and qualifications to support foster parents to understand children’s behaviour, and to agree a therapeutic response that will enable children to develop.

Mike’s therapeutic work with all of our foster parents is supported by our Life Coach support which is offered to all children who are placed with us. Our close-knit support system works with the team around the child, as well as the child, to achieve positive outcomes.