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Events and Activities

The part of our job that we love the most is truly getting to know you, your family and the children you care for. The best way to do that is for us to spend time together having fun! 

At TheraParent, we believe in the value of fun and the value of play for all children. Our experience tells us that fun and playful interactions help to build attachments between children and their caregivers therefore we encourage all of our families to embrace play. 

We offer a range of different activities and events throughout the year which are an opportunity for everyone to come together as one big family to create some happy memories. We love getting together to enjoy things such as picnics, rock climbing, trampolining or a trip to an amusement park (to name a few!). We also welcome suggestions from anyone (adults or children) about events and activities we could do in the future. 

As a family, we love camping! So, every year we will organise a TheraParent camp where everyone is invited to come along to enjoy some “back to basics” fun. We toast marshmallows, play music, and enjoy group games in the field. This is a great opportunity to enjoy some quality time together and for the children you are caring for to get to know other children/young people who are in the same situation as them. 

Our activities and events are a great opportunity to get to know other foster parents and their children. Often some of the best support you can get is from other people who are in the same situation as you, so we actively encourage our foster parents to get to know one another and to share their experiences. We encourage a warm, friendly and accepting environment for all new foster parents.