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24/7 Support

You’re never alone! If you have an emergency at 2am in the morning, fear not, our team are still on hand to support you! We offer a 24/7 service which means that one of our small, highly skilled team will be available to you no matter what time of day or night. 

We operate an Out of Hours service which is there to support you if there is an emergency outside of usual working hours and you need advice and guidance. What makes us unique is that if you have to call our Out of Hours service you know you will speak to someone you know (Katie, Mark or Mike). We know how stressful it can be to be in the midst of an emergency only to find the Out of Hours Worker knows nothing about you or your child. We know the turmoil in having to relay your child’s story to a stranger in a time of need. That’s why we ensure our phones are always manned by our small team who all know you well.